So, you need to "Borrow" a professional photography studio?

We were there. We get that. Its not realistic for some Professional Photographers to own their own studios. I know many photographers that utilize the great outdoors for their sessions 90% of the year- but there's always that one client that requests a session in a formal studio session during the heart of winter.

Our studio has always been intended to be a collaborative space for Photographers to share. Whether your looking for a renting the space for a single hour, or your looking for a permanent home and address for your name- We are here to help.

Our studio, though small- packs a punch for its "Main Street" Vibe. The studio sits on the Milford Oval, at 111 Union Square, Milford NH 03051, right next door to Emerson Park. (Perfect for combined studio/outdoor sessions.)

The large shooting area itself for the studio is about 10x15 feet, with a wall mounted seamless paper stand high up for those taller clients. The smaller backdrop area is perfect for 5x7' fabric backdrops, or smaller seamless rolls. Automatic curtains retract over the studio windows for ultimate privacy or lighting control. The studio regularly stocks Charcoal and White 108" seamless paper, though some seasons may benefit from a few extra seamless colors included in the rental. The studio also benefits from a few air mattresses, a deep Aqua colored couch/futon, newborn positioning tools, chairs, pillows and blankets galore. Once the seamless paper is rolled up, two beautiful windows with sheer curtains are revealed with bamboo hardwood flooring for easy staging and beautiful use of natural light. Additionally we have a large scale U shaped curtain featuring a 10x20 black fabric corner backdrop, and a 10x20 white fabric corner backdrop for larger family groupings. Continuous lighting is available in the studio on a regular basis, and a Canon Godox is available as an add-on' to share.

The front of the studio has a small retail shop filled with little add-ons for our (and your) amazing clients. At all times a studio representative will be present in studio to answer your questions and keep tabs on our little retail shop- however during your rental you will have full use of our sitting area and bathroom for you and your clients. We even have a fully stocked newborn changing area for those happy little accidents.

At the moment, we are only renting our studio on a hourly or daily basis. As we head into the future, we are more than happy to discuss partnerships with our trusted photographer friends- that include semi-permanent signage on our front doors advertising your collaboration with the space. If interested in considering a longer term share of the space, please connect!

Hourly Rentals:


  • Use of our entire main shooting area
  • Access to (108") Seamless Papers. Current studio offerings are Charcoal, White, Silver, and Aqua.
  • Access to 5x7' Shooting area, and smaller seamless papers. Fabric backdrops are available to rent out of the Studio Inventory.
  • Access to installed continuous lighting and movable stands
  • Access to chairs, stools, and other basic positioning tools.
  • Hourly rental subject to availability.

$40.00 / Hourly

Daily Rentals:


  • (8) Hour Rental
  • Use of our entire main shooting area
  • Access to (108") Seamless Papers
  • Access to 5x7' Shooting area, and smaller seamless papers.
  • Access to all studio lighting, including share of Godox system (Canon)
  • Access to chairs, stools, and all positioning tools.
  • Private Booking for the entire day- No interruptions.
  • Daily rental subject to availability.

$250.00 / Daily

Optional Rental Add On's:

  • Cloth Backdrop Library (Headboards galore, Windows and more printed fun!)
  • Large Prop Collection (Lemonade Stand, Vintage Car, and more!)
  • In House Printing Services (Professional Canon Printers)
  • Limited Selection of Photography + Videography Equipment Rentals
  • In-House Editing Team.