Shared Workshops

Shared workshops are offered on a weekly bi-weekly basis! We Each workshop runs for a period of time, but covers a different topic each class. Drop in for one, or drop in for multiple- its up to you. In our studio, there is a MAX CAPACITY of how many will be allowed in a workshop at one time, so book your seats before they are gone! To book your shared workshop, you can book a seat on our "Book Now" page.

Private Workshops

Private Workshops are ideal for those who already own a camera, and want to learn more specifically how it works. These workshops are all about mastering what you have. If you already have some experience in Photography, and simply want to further develop it- this is defiantly the road for you! Private Workshops are scheduled at your convenience 1-on-1 style with our lead photographers. To book a Private Workshop, please fill out the form below for availability or book directly online.

Workshop FAQ

What do your workshops look like?

At this time, we offer two forms of workshops. Private, or Group. In Private workshops, we work 1-on-1 with clients to learn the cameras they already own, at a pace that works best for them. With Shared classes, we teach general photography knowledge to aid one on their creative venture!

Private Workshops? That sounds expensive!

Fortunately we keep the cost of our workshop very reasonable. Reality is, I had an amazing mentor at one point who taught me everything I know- and I strongly feel that everyone deserves the chance to have a guide in their learning journey. Ive been teaching photography for awhile now, and I'm comfortable enough with it to pass on what I know. It's my turn to share!

Where are your workshops located?

It depends on the workshop! Most of our workshops will be based out of our studio on the Milford Oval, unless we are hired to privately to travel off site for a workshop. We do (in the nice weather) take short walking trips from the studio out and about (such as on the oval) to learn about outdoor photography.

What sort of curriculum do you typically cover in a (4) Week Workshop?

Here is an example of topics often covered in a (4) week curriculum for the person with No Photograph Experience!

Week 1: Learning your camera.

Week 2: Learning to take Photos, Outdoors.

Week 3: Learning to take Photos, Indoors.

Week 4: Photo Editing, Lightroom or Photoshop.

What sort of curriculum do you typically cover in a (8) week Workshop?

Here is an example of topics very often covered in a (8) week curriculum for the person with No Photography Experience!

Week 1: Photography Lessons: 3 Pillars of Photography, and 9 Rules of Composition.

Week 2: Learning your Camera

Week 3: Learning to take Photos, Outdoors. (Landscapes)

Week 4: Learning to Pose Models, working with Clients. (People!)

Week 5: Learning to take Photos, Outdoors. (Portrait)

Week 6: Learning to take Photos, Indoors. (Lighting)

Week 7: Editing, Photoshop / Lightroom Basics

Week 8: Simulation Clients, Photography for Income.

Interested in a Private Workshop?

Already own a camera, but wanting to learn more about it? Fill out the information form to the right, and we will reach out to you directly to schedule your very own 1-on-1 private workshop. These workshops are designed to be catered specifically to your needs!

About the Teacher

Hello! Im Stephanie. Im the owner of Sweet Aperture LLC, and also the Lead Photographer. Ive been mentoring and teaching photography to aspiring photographers for a few years now!

Many people think it's the camera that makes a good photographer. Reality is, thats not true. Ive seen some amazing photographers using nothing more than a cell phone- or even a toy camera!

My workshops are aimed not only to teach you the basics of using a camera you already have, but understanding what kind of camera to purchase if you're on the market to best fit the style of Photography you're looking to pursue. Not sure what type of Photography you're interested? Our workshops cover everything from Landscapes to Portrait- Events and Commercial....and so much more!

Our workshops teach us the basics of Photography, including things like COMPOSITION, LIGHTING, EDITING, and more. We will teach you how to use your camera, and how to pose models. We will teach you the effects of exposure and aperture, and more!

If your interested in learning more about what our workshops can offer, feel free to fill out the form below and we will gladly have someone reach out to you to discuss what our workshops can do for you!