The couple behind the camera.

Stephanie was a shy artsy girl.

Nick was a charismatic and outgoing boy.

Stephanie was an entrepenure.

Nick was a daydreamer.

Stephanie got a camera for Christmas.

Nick got socks for Christmas.

Stephanie met nick.

Nick met Stephanie.

Stephanie got hooked on photography.

Nick was jealous of Stephanie's awesomeness.

(Side note...can you guess who is writing this?)

Stephanie became a professional photographer...

Nick became the husband of a professional photographer.

Stephanie shot their best friends wedding.

Nick went as a date...YAY FREE BEER.

Stephanie said "hold my camera." while she fixed her gear.

Nick took a picture to "try it out."

Stephanie looked at the camera...WOW.

Nick was artsy and didn't know it.

Stephanie bought nick a camera.

Nick likes cameras.

And well... this is what we did.


Stephanie (and Nick.)

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