Alverado Wedding - October 10th 2020, Groton VT


Why Videography?

Imagine its your wedding day. Imagine you got the brilliant idea to invite your best friend from elementary school to sing at your wedding as you walk down the aisle. Your so nervous, blushing and blood racing in your ears. As you walk down the aisle, you can't focus on anything but that beautiful person at the end of the aisle waiting for you. You get to the marry him... turn around, walk back down the aisle and head inside. The next day...the next week....maybe a month realize you had no clue how your friend sounded when she sang that song.

This is what happened at our own wedding. I know she's amazing, otherwise I wouldn't have asked her to sing for us (We love you Amanda) however I wish OH SO BADLY I would have been able to hear what she sang. We wish so badly we could go back and replay that moment.

For everyone, its something different. It could be an family member you want to remember the voice of, a special dance that a photo can't do justice of....Video captures a moment in a completely different way.

How do you record Audio?

The preferred method of audio recording includes a wired microphone to a wireless device connected to our camera equipment. Preferably we like to mic one of the couple- however the efficient often works too. We use our best judgement to evaluate day of with attire and circumstances.

We are able to connect to your DJ's sound boards for direct connections as well, it is highly suggested that if your looking to record the clearest audio that you consider a quick chat with your DJ about this, or provide us with their information and we can chat with them for you!

How long are your Videos?

Every event is different. Some weddings create a highlight reel only a few minutes long, and some weddings end up with a half hour long pure playback of a ceremony and speeches. It all depends on the individual needs of the client.

For more specifics, feel free to look at your package description.

Do you offer Drone footage?

We personally do not offer Drone footage at this time. However, we do partner with some AMAZING people that specialize in the feild. For an additional fee, Drone footage of your event can be added into your Videography package. Feel free to discuss during booking if this is an ad-on you would like to consider.

Can I choose my own songs for my Video?

Keeping in mind copyright law, we unfortunately don't have unlimited access to any song. Some musicians do not provide rights to use their songs, others sell those rights. You are more than welcome to purchase rights to songs that we might not include in our standard selection list- but that being said, we do have a short list of popular choices to choose from ranging from up beat to moody and dramatic!

Why can't I just leave the audio from my wedding in the background? (Music the DJ was playing)

Again, unfortunately for copyright law- we are not permitted to use other musicians music without their permission. In fact, very frequently social media sharing services such as youtube or facebook will flag videos with unauthorized audio as going against copyright law.

The songs we have as part of our selection list we own rights to- lets stick to that list and keep ourselves legal :) The option to purchase licenses to your favorite song may also be available but is not guaranteed.