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Getting Married?

At Sweet Aperture, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality photography and videography services for weddings. Our packages are customizable to fit every need and budget, and our affordable pricing does not compromise on quality. As a husband and wife team, we understand the importance of capturing your special day and work hard to ensure that you have beautiful and lasting memories. With professional editing and top-of-the-line equipment, we guarantee that you will receive high-quality imagery that you can cherish for years to come.

Not sure where to begin? Check out our 2024 Wedding Guide below!


2024 Wedding Guide

Photography or Videography? Both?

Before you do anything, think about what it is you are hoping to capture on your wedding day. Are you hoping for all day coverage in depth of every single teeny tiny detail? Or are you simply looking for the formalities and family portraits to document the occasion? Photography and Videography both have their own perks- and its important to decide if you are looking to hire just a Photographer, Just a Videographer, or if you are hoping to capture the best of both worlds with both services together. Sweet Aperture offers packages for all of these scenarios to ensure an easy wedding planning process and direct line of communication with all of your visual vendors! (We even offer Photo Booths! But more about that later!)


To go Professional or Not?

While chatting with prospective clients, we often hear the comment that they would like to save on the budget by allowing their guests to capture footage with their phones, and that should suffice for images or video for your wedding day.

Professional Photographers and Videographers are SO much more than just another vendor at your wedding. We do so much more than simply pass off a handful of photos from your day. At Sweet Aperture, it is our personal mission to provide helpful resources and planning assistance from start to finish, no different than if we were helping our own friends plan their own weddings. We bring to you our experience and resources- regardless for the package booked with us. 

A Professional vendor leads the way through your day with you. While we as photographers and videographers might not be responsible for the food or the decorations, it's our job to ensure your day is captured in the most visually pleasing to pass down to generations to come. This can mean anything from staging scenes and storytelling, to helping create fun and exciting moments to get the party started!

We are professionally trained and experienced to tackle the weirdest curveballs at your wedding. Consider this- we are your professionally trained EYES at your wedding. Even when you miss something, we are there t capture it for you- so you can reflect back later. We have a lifetime of equipment and training preparing us for this.

While a guest or friend certainly could help capture footage, let them enjoy the celebration with you without any pressure, and hire the professional to receive the stress from your day (or even just part of.)


Why Sweet Aperture over the rest? 

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