Commercial + Corporate Photography

What is Commercial / Corporate Photography?

We at Sweet Aperture consider Commercial and Corporate Photography Services to cover a very WIDE RANGE of topics. This can include anything from Real Estate Photography to Professional School Hired Photographs. The easiest way to judge whether or not your needs are "regular" or commercial usually relates to the scope of work. We like to think of these services as "bulk discounted" such as a Realtor that hires us on a regular basis for multiple jobs, or a educational facility hiring us to photograph many different children for school photos.

Do you have Standard Packages for Commercial / Corporate Photography + Videography?

We have some specific outlines, simply because they are the most requested services. However its completely normal that anything in this category is customized to fit the specific needs of the job we are completing. Our standard packages below should be used simply as a guide, as every job is customized regardless. To find out an exact estimate for services, please fill out the form below with more details about the commercial or corporate services you are interested in hiring for.

What if I don't have an exact date of service?

Depending on your situation, that could be fine. Just keep in mind that we are a fully functioning Photography and Videography Studio, and our schedules consistently change. We do require a retainer for all services regardless to whether they are commercial/corporate, event, or even in-studio. This holds your service date in the booking calendar. Once you are aware of your service date we will take a retainer and hold the date for you. We cannot guarantee availability for any services without a retainer and confirmed booking in our calendar.

Real Estate Photography + Videography

Real Estate Photography

Looking to step up your Listing Photos? Professional Images of your listing are the best way to showcase for your clients. Hire our services for either a single listing, or get a voucher for (10) listing sessions and prebook to save (20%),

Starting at $250.00

Real Estate Videography

Are you a Realtor looking for a short video walkthrough of your Listing? Look no further. This service provides a virtual walkthrough of your listing as a highlight to feature your listing. Great for marketing on social media!

Starting at $250.00

Real Estate Photo + Video

Looking for both professional level listing photos and a video walkthrough? No problem! We can bundle these services together for ultimate savings. Bundled packages save an additional 20%.

Starting at just $400.00


Real Estate Photography

Are you a Realtor looking to step up your Listing Game? Professional Photographs are the best way to showcase a listing to your buyers.

Services with Sweet Aperture can either be purchased as one time-individual listings, or can be purchased in vouchers of (10) listing sessions for extra savings.

The cost of your Real Estate Listing depends on square footage of your listing. Homes up to 2000SF start at just $250.00 and include a (1) Hour Listing Session. Homes between 2000SF-4000SF include a (1.5) Hour Listing Session and start at $350.00. Every room will be photographed from a minimum of (2) angles, and images will be professionally edited/retouched as needed. For homes over 4000SF, please contact us for pricing.

Advanced editing services are not included in Real Estate Photography, though services can be included for an additional cost. This includes (but is not limited to) removing clutter, staining, or people from your Photos.

Real Estate Videography

Are you a Realtor looking to Step up your Social Media game? Or are you looking to provide a virtual walkthrough video to your listings? Sweet Aperture and our Videographers have developed a session just for you. A professional videographer with stabilizer will visit your site to capture the best of your listing with a video walkthrough. This does NOT include 360 degree videos, or drone coverage. Both however can be added to packages for an additional fee.

Videos are best used on social media when marketing a listing. Commentary / Audio can be recorded on site to enhance these videos even further.

Real Estate Videography starts at just $250.00 for homes under 2000SF and includes a (1) hour listing session. For homes between 2000SF-4000SF, sessions start at just $350.00 and include a (1.5) hour listing session. For homes over 4000SF, please contact us for pricing.

Real Estate Photo + Video Bundles

Realtors / Clients who book both Real Estate Photography and Videography services together will save an additional (20%) on their sessions, as all of our Photographers are also certified and trained Videographers as well.

Head Shots / Education Photography

K-12 Headshots

Are you looking for a Professional Studio to visit your K-12 School for on site headshots? Sweet Aperture works with schools of all sizes to capture student's annual "school photographs."

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K-12 Headshots

Are you a educational facility looking to photograph students for their annual "School Photos?" Sweet Aperture is available for mobile studio services.

While every educational facility is different due to student class sizes, the concept is the same for most situations.

For a flat fee of $100.00 hourly, one of Sweet Aperture's Photographers will come out ON-SITE with a mobile studio setup. Additional Photographers can be added to speed up the process of photographing for larger groups at a discounted rate. Photographers will collect and organize photos, returning them to the Photography Studio for Proofing. Proofs will be loaded into an online gallery that can be shared with students / family / faculty. Galleries can be set public or private in access. Those with their pictures taken will be presented with proofs that can be privately shopped at their leisure. Both Digitals and Printed Images are available- and orders can be delivered to your educational facility for distribution or mailed directly to the buyer.

Our online store is not limited in any way, and has an arrangement of options! Filled with Digital Image options, Prints, Customized Gifts and more- families with have plenty of customization options. Advanced editing is also available for images should families wishing to do so.

These sessions are ideally scheduled in a large location, such as a school gymnasium or cafeteria.

Senior / Higher Education

Do you have a group of looking for their annual "school photos" but also are celebrating their graduation? Send them off into the professional world with a professional level headshot, as well as a attire change into their graduation attire (cap, gown, etc.) These sessions are intended to allow students professional level headshots and a few options to choose from within their proofing gallery, as well as a formal photograph of them in their graduation attire. It is ideal that these sessions are booked within a private room for each photographer, such as an office or conference room.

Commercial Headshots

Is your office looking to update their webpage with new Professional Headshots?

With Commercial Headshots, Sweet Aperture will send a Professional Photographer ON-SITE very similar to that of a "School Photos" session. However, backdrop options are flexible. Photos for employees and staff can be done either indoors via a Mobile Studio, or of a location of your choosing either indoors or outdoors. Some companies prefer their headshots to be uniform, with the same backdrop and cropping of photos. Other companies enjoy the flexibility of "posing around the office" to break up employee and staff photo uniformity. For an additional add on, employees can receive a "micro session" rather than a single headshot, giving them an array of options to choose from.

Similar to "School Photo" sessions, employees and faculty will be able to shop for their own photos from their proofing galleries- whether be prints or digital downloads. Any printed material will be delivered to the client for distribution to employees and staff. Bulk purchase of prints is available for the client!

Interested in a hiring Sweet Aperture for your Commercial / Corporate Photography Needs?

We are here to assist, with whatever you need. We understand that though we outline some standard package options, these don't quite fit every situation. Please fill out the form to the right so that we can find the best fit for what your looking to accomplish. We are here to help!