The innocence of a child.

Its natural that the moment you ask a child to stand still for you, the child doesn't want to stand still. Its natural that when you tell them "DO NOT TOUCH THAT," of course they go straight for it. By my third child, I embraced the concept that there are some battles you just can't win. Days like today, with the sobbing wet grass and mud splattered walkways, there was no attempt to try and keep these children clean. Dad grabbed the garden hose to water the children- to watch them grow bigger and stronger. These two enjoyed the beautiful weather of the hot day in late may- which, seemed only too much like an early visit from the summer sun. Adam and Adalynn (brother and sister) couldn't resist but create a little trouble- and laughed their bellies off.

I sat on the porch watching the two play, remembering the innocence of what its like to be a child. What is it like to be this young- to be free of stress, politics, and daily work grind. How free it must be to be only three- but they DO know. They do see us stressed, they know when the world around them is in pain. The difference is that they choose not to let it pull them down. Children find the best moments in the worst situations, and embrace them. It reminds us that even in our most painful moments, on our most tense days- we need to sit back, smile- and breathe. Breathe the fresh air, run your fingers through the mud. So what If your hand gets dirty....wash it off. We as humans were created "waterproof" for a reason.