About Us

Meet the Photographer

Stephanie (Lingley) Kirsch (Thats me- Hi!) started her photography venture in 2013 with nothing more than a point-and-shoot camera. Many camera upgrades and years of professional development, here we are today.

Stephanie spends her mornings at Milford High School working as a teacher in the feild, passing on all of her knowledge and experience to the next generation. Once the school day is over, Stephanie returns to the studio and her passion of Photography and Videography.

Meet the Videographer

Nicholas Kirsch didn't start his professional camera career until meeting his now wife- Stephanie. (Thats me!) Originating from Niagara Falls, NY- Nicholas brought his creativity and a different perspective to the world of Stephanie. One day as a joke, he was handed a very serious camera and told to take a picture. What wasn't expected is that the photo would turn out amazing on the first try.

Every day his experience develops- and has so far mastered the art of keeping his wife under control. (Mostly.)

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