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Meet Stephanie

Hi! I am the founder and Lead Photographer here at Sweet Aperture. Im a local, who was born and raised in Nashua NH. I began my life looking at things very technically, but artistically- and started my career path in Architecture at Keene State College. It was with Architecture I found my eye for the little details- and got my first camera (a Nikon D3200) as a Christmas gift from one of the most amazing women in the world, my Photographer Grandmother. After the birth of my first son, I found myself photographing people constantly- and after a friend asked me to photograph their engagement photos- I couldn't resist from tossing myself with my camera into my now future. Now, I am a full time Photographer- and a full time CTE teacher at Milford High School and Applied Technology Center specializing in Digital Media! (Photography and Graphic Arts.) I absolutely love teaching others everything I have learned over my 10+ as a professional photographer- and aspire to continue to develop myself as an artist.


I have three amazing children- and one hunky husband who got jealous one day- and decided to become a photographer too! Check him out below. I know- right? ;)

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Meet Nicholas

"No, this is Patrick!"


Im a goofball just like you- but a serious professional when I need to be. Back in the day when we had to walk twenty miles to school- I took some video based digital media classes that I greatly enjoyed. It wasnt until I met my now wife that I picked up a camera again and fell in love with the hobby. She showed me how an artistic hobby can become a full time career, and now couldn't imagine it any other way.


I was born and raised in Niagara Falls NY, where I attended Niagara University for a time. In 2013 I made the life changing leap to move to NH where I settled and met my wife, and created a family. I strive every day with my wife to grow our photography business as there is truly nothing that makes me happier than helping families capture their most previous memories. So much, that i'm even growing out my beard to become one of Santa's next helpers!


Find me behind the scenes with my wife at her photoshoots, or working along side as one of your photographers on your wedding day!

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