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Callie + Dan

Stephanie and Nick covered our wedding at Bedford Village Inn Beautifully! I loved the fact that they were able to cover both of us getting ready with both photos and videos without the need for a small paparazzi chasing us around before our ceremony began. Stephanie is a natural, and knew exactly how to pose us in the most flattering ways. We did not opt for an engagement session, and that I wish I had done- but even trusting Stephanie for the first time moments before the most important moments of our lives so far, she did great and I felt comfortable. I would recommend any future couples have an engagement session done prior to their wedding day so they can too learn how amazing this team is, it will comfort you to know that you can trust these guys 100% with capturing these memories!

Melissa + Eric

We hired Sweet Aperture after meeting them at a wedding expo in Manchester NH. Having met them prior to our big day, I knew that they were a perfect fit for us. I would describe Stephanie as bold or moody and colorful, yet nick as light and airy. The "ying and yang" of their personalities works so perfectly together to cover such a ride range of style. I was able to work back and forth with their team with their editing style to customize the feel of our photos exactly to what we had dreamed of. Compared to other photographers I have worked with in the past, the process of working with Sweet Aperture was smooth and relaxing. I love the fact that Stephanie gave us her cell phone number to ensure that we had immediate contact to her whenever we needed, and was experienced enough to work with our wedding planner. I since our wedding have hired Stephanie for numerous shoots, including our maternity, newborn, and holiday family photo sessions. I can't imagine us using another photographer any time soon.

Allison + Jakob

We hired Stephanie as a Videographer for our wedding. The morning of our wedding, our Photographer was in a car accident and unable to make it to the event. We didn't find out about the accident until a half hour prior to our ceremony. Stephanie was able to get an intern to rush to our wedding to help cover, and took over shooting photos in addition to continuing to capture video for our wedding day. Stephanie's husband Nick joined us shortly following the ceremony to shoot out the rest of our wedding day and ease of us of any stresses or loss of coverage. I can't explain how much this meant to us, as we had family attending this wedding day that passed away shortly after, and without that coverage we would have missed some of her final moments. The fact that Sweet Aperture closes down their studio for full availability on all wedding dates might seem like a minor detail, but in moments like these it means everything. Stephanie was able to call a staff together in minutes as if they had been on standby the whole time and were able to cover our entire day with minutes of notice. We don't use photographers often, but when we do- we hire Sweet Aperture. I don't trust anyone else now. I understand our original photographer was not at fault, but what Sweet Aperture was able to pull together was amazing. Highly would recommend.

Veronica + Colby

I originally started our wedding process with hiring another larger Photography + Videography company. It wasn't until a few hours prior to our ceremony start time, that the company reached out informing me that our Photographer was no longer available. Stephanie was contacted by one of my bridal party who had used her for her own wedding. Stephanie left southern NH and was able to make it to our Northern VT with only ten minutes to spare- covering our wedding day for us without flaw. I had no experience with her work, or her shooting style- but what she created was beautiful. She worked with us closely to match our styles and preferences perfectly after our wedding day. I wish we had contacted Sweet Aperture earlier, as the video we received from this larger company was terrible compared to what we could have gotten from Sweet Aperture, and it was more expensive! My one bit of advice to any couples is to ensure you look at all of your options, and consult them prior to your big day. Research them as well- and always stick with the little guys. Apparently this bigger company had terrible reviews that I had overlooked and I should have known it was coming. The smaller guys, like Sweet Aperture treated us like this was their own wedding, and dropped everything to make it happen. I found out after Stephanie had been in a family function when she received the call for our wedding, and dropped everything to be there for us. That is something I can never thank her enough for- and I am SO glad we got to work with her.

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